Daily Bodyweight Exercise- Y Cuff


The Y Cuff! A great exercise for Desk Jockey fitness solutions.

Try this one if you spend a lot of time typing at a desk! The Y Cuff challenges shoulder mobility with rotation, scapular tilting, protraction, and retraction. It’s a great one for improving shoulder mobility and head positioning for better posture.

Strengthen and activates musculature for posterior and anterior scapular tilting. Lengthen and strengthen the range of motion for external rotation of shoulders and scapular retraction.

How to do it:

Pull the hands through the armpits

Place the hands on the lower to mid back and let the elbows hang

Squeeze the shoulder blades together and lift the elbows as high as you can while keeping your midsection tight

The Y Cuff is one of the 64 exercises from Bodyweight Training 2.0 which lays the fundamentals of mobility, posture, strength and coordination. Try one of our workouts on Mark Lauren On Demand. 

Watch the Bodyweight Exercise here:

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