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Bodyweight Workout Rehabilitation

My intent is to provide you with an easy-to-use program for systematically creating rehabilitation, warm-up, and active recovery workouts that cover all athletic fundamentals. I want you to move with maximum efficiency, and I want you to learn to do so with as little effort as possible. Efficiency determines performances in all things. This is a guiding principle. 



➞   Why and how humans move
➞   The learning process
➞   movement overview
➞   how to build workouts
➞   how to build programs
➞   questions & answer




➞   Lying positions and transitions
➞   isolated Floor exercises
➞   lying to crawling transitions
➞   Integrated crawling exercises
➞   crawling to kneeling transitions
➞   kneeling arm swings
➞   single kneeling to standing transitions
➞   integrated standing exercises
➞   review and practice
➞   final workout

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Move Better. live better.

This program provides the absolute maximum benefit of improved health, performance, and injury prevention with the smallest possible sacrifice of effort. Your best defense against poor health, disease, and injury is learning to keep your joints aligned for efficient force absorption. Kids, Navy SEALs, rising soccer starts, and grandparents all benefit alike from systematically and regularly practicing the crawl-walk-run progression learned early in childhood. In a single word, the athletic skill most important to your survival is locomotion- the ability to get from one place to another. Once you cannot easily transition between lying positions, get up and down from the ground, walk and even run, your ability to care for yourself and others is significantly reduced, and the result is a guaranteed tragedy! Your health, athletic performance, and mastery of life- depend first and foremost on the skills needed to transition between lying, crawling, kneeling, and standing position with coordination, rhythm, and ease. It is within these transitions that a logical progression is found for the development of athletic fundamentals, which need to be regularly revisited by all people, regardless of athletic advancement. 



Physical therapists, baby boomers, personal trainers and athletes. However, this program is about improving the things most important to your survival- the fundamentals of locomotion. Is there anyone to whom these skills aren't of primary importance?

What do you get?

License to offer & advertise one hour Mark Lauren Bodyweight classes


2 Days


German, English



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