Bodyweight Rehab

Active Recovery or easy On-Ramp.

Exercise is stress that causes your body to change for the better, but we need to be smart about progression and recovery. To speed up healing and adaptation, we schedule Bodyweight Rehab workouts between more intense training sessions. These workouts are designed to develop essential movement skills, so not a single calorie is wasted without making you a better athlete. 

This program also acts as an alternative to the 90-Day Challenge for those wanting an easier starting point! 

With all things, the basics are learned first. Athletic ability is no different. The transitions between lying and standing positions are learned first in life, which is why they’re essential for an easy life into old age. Try the Rolling Prep sample below to see how fundamental athletic skills can be used to create warm-ups and workouts. Enjoy! 



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Rolling Prep 1

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Training Plan

We integrate Bodyweight Rehab into your training as needed. To start with this program instead of the 90-Day Challenge, click download. 


People's needs are unique and constantly changing. That's why we have programs of various difficulty.

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