Move Better. Live Better.

You will leave with an understanding of the principles used to forge elite athletes and how to apply those same principles to your own training. With a laser focus, we will identify and categorize athletic fundamentals in order to create a logical progression for improving and maintaining the skills most essentials to your success.


The main goal of high level strength and conditioning programs is to develop the posture and positioning needed for ideal force absorption. That means getting you into correct joint alignment and keeping you there. Your strength, speed, power, and endurance in day-to-day life and sports isn’t determined by the size of your muscles and lungs. Rather, these qualities are dependent on doing the right things at the right time, which requires spatial awareness, timing, and coordination. Simply put, we must strengthen our bodies through the development of useful skill.

  • Understanding fitness and strength 
  • Create your own workouts and program
  • Improving posture & positioning 
  • Understand efficiency and performance 
  • Understand athletic fundamentals
“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
Antoine De Saint-Exupery
Pioneering Aviator

Day 1

Personal Introductions

We tell our personal story and listens to yours


A useful definition for fitness and a logical method for improving it

Developmental movements

Reintroduction to the basics of athletic ability with rolling and kneeling transitions

Isolated floor exercises

Why and how to improve isolated joint functions to drastically improve overall performance

Mobility floor exercises

We demonstrate the mobility and stability needed to move safely thru broad ranges of motion

Integrated standing exercise

You’ll learn how to move thru all planes of motion with greater efficiency while standing

Day 2

Warm up

Preview of Mark Lauren’s Bodyweight Rehab 


The movement categories, exercises, and exercise variations

Full workout 

We assemble and guides you thru your first Bodyweight Training 2.0 workout


The rules to easily create a lifetime of unique and comprehensive workouts with built-in progressions


You build your own workouts and coach a training partner thru the training session you created

The perfect athlete

We will list and discuss the qualities of the ideal athlete

Final workout

It’s time to wrap things up with a final – “Hooya!” – The American Indian war cry meaning, “give me more!”
“Hack away at the unessential”
Bruce Lee
Founder of Jeet Kune Do

Bodyweight Training 2.0 is a comprehensive program for systematically developing athletic fundamentals with 4 primary movement categories,16 sub categories, and 64 bodyweight exercises. Every single exercise is carefully selected and tailored to teach a highly consistent movement strategy that allows you to achieve your goals with the smallest possible sacrifice of energy.

Bodyweight Training 2.0 Exercise Matrix


Physical therapists, trainers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts serious about getting the most out of their training, and anyone wanting to train better at home


●  Manuals
●  Certificate
●  T-Shirt
●  64 exercises
●  Workout and Program plan


2 Days



Move Better. Live Better.
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With well balanced training plans we cover all your needs from strength training, mobility, posture, HIIT to active recovery. You don't need to worry about missing anything anymore.
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