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Mark Lauren
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The Mark Lauren brand story is about efficient and creative problem solving. It's about learning to move and live better.

Today, Mark is an international bestselling fitness author who has prepared over 700 trainees for the extreme demands of the most elite levels of the U.S. Special Operations Community. After winning several teen bodybuilding titles, Mark started his military career as 1 of 12 out of 100 trainees to graduate the Pararescue / Combat Control Indoctrination Course. 

Not long after his military service, Mark trained and competed all across Thailand in Muay Thai. After two years of dedicated training, he managed to capture the Florida IKF Middleweight Championship and a professional belt in Thailand. His wild journey through physical and mental development has inspired a new approach to fitness that has allowed millions of people to move better without the confines of a gym.  

Mark's many unique experiences have gained him worldwide trust as a movement specialist.

As a brand, we look to our overarching mission and core values to guide us.

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Performance is determined by the energy needed to achieve a goal. Simply put, performance is efficiency! Focus on the essential, eliminate what’s not.


Fitness is a lifelong education to creatively solve life’s challenges, which is adaptation. This requires we play, take risks, and value our failures as much as our successes.


Strength is the ability to maintain ideal alignment under stress. To do so, we must value fundamentals first and foremost. We're about getting the basics right!


Fitness started for Mark well before his career as a trainer — it’s been a passionate story of personal development, natural leadership, and an unwillingness to quit since he was a young boy.
Mark started working out when he was 12 with pushups and sit-ups next to his bed. After plateauing at over 600 sit ups and 78 push ups, he started experimenting with the structure of his exercise programs.

This love for physical challenges led Mark to joining the local wrestling teams. Instead of playing video games, he’d sometimes skip school to go work out. The habits continued to strengthen until he won several teen bodybuilding competitions.

All grown up, Mark enlists to become a Combat Controller in the U.S. Special Operations Community. A community that is protected by a trying two years of training with a graduation rate of less than 15%.

After failing the final evaluation of the 10-week Pararescue/ Combat Control Indoctrination Course, Mark graduated the following class and broke the underwater record by swimming subsurface for 133 meters, on a single breath, for 2 minutes and 23 seconds, until losing consciousness.

The national tragedy of September 11th increased the demand for Special Operations troops. Just 5 days earlier, Mark was hand picked by his commander to help prepare incoming recruits. As an instructor, Mark redesigned physical training programs and successfully reduced attrition by over 40% during a time when the entire special operations community was critically manned.

Just after leaving active duty, Mark began writing his first book with author and friend Joshua Clark. After 5 years of part-time work and repeated rejections by publishers, You Are Your Own Gym; The Bible of Bodyweight Exercise was eventually self-published in 2010.

The year that changed everything: You Are Your Own Gym was published by Random House after winning the rights in a climactic blind auction between 12 major publishing houses. Since being published, the Mark Lauren brand has gained huge trust and credibility in markets across the globe, most notably German speaking Europe. Mark’s audience strongly identifies with his minimalist approach to fitness, as well as his story of overcoming failures.

The story continues! With a new digital business model that focuses on delivering effective, skill-based fitness solutions, the opportunity for creativity, customization, and leadership is greater than ever before.

Movement is Fitness.
Fitness is Life.

The Problem

Mark observed that the fitness industry at large was backward, ineffective, and unsustainable in it’s approach. He set out to create fitness programming that improved performance outside of the gym with a minimal sacrifice of time, energy, and money.

The Solution

After 28 years of getting the fundamentals in order and understanding the psychology of habit formation, Mark developed the mantra ‘you only get good at what you do’ to guide the development of his programs, online and off. Mark’s understanding of athletic fundamentals allows him to create exercise programs for all ability groups that improve performance and physical condition in record time, injury free. Mastery of all things requires mastery of the fundamentals!

The Success

Mark has sold over one million books worldwide in 12 languages, produced 7 DVD’s, garnered over half one million app downloads, and developed training programs for the United States Special Operations Community, Queen Rania Rehabilitation Center at the University of Cologne, and government funded health programs in China.





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