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Fitness is one‘s preparedness to solve life’s problems, especially those most necessary for survival. With principles based in physics we explore the most efficient solutions to life’s most basic problems. 



Bodyweight Rehabilitation

What athletic skills are most essential to survival?   

➞   tHe learning process and human movement.
➞   duplicate and Refine nature's progression. 
➞   Rehab, movement prep, and active recovery.

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Bodyweight Training 2.0

How do we best prepare for life's diverse challenges? 

➞   identify and categorize athletic fundamentals.
➞   64 exercises in 4 primary and 16 subcategories. 
➞   Posture, injury resistance, and performance. 

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Move Better. live better.

Fitness is the ability to survive, which depends on your preparedness to solve life's problems. The principle of specificity states that you only become better at what you do. This means that general fitness is best improved thru mastery of the fundamentals, because it's these basic skills that are always or most often in use. 


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