Bodyweight Training 2.0 Course

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Bodyweight Training 2.0 Course

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395.00 695.00 

18. – 19. April 2020 in Hamburg (Mark, Lea & Christoph)
25. – 26. April 2020 in Cologne (Mark, Lea & Christoph)
2. – 3. May 2020 in Munich (Mark, Lea & Christoph)
27. -28. June 2020 in Hamburg (Lea & Christoph)
17. -18. October 2020 in Munich (Lea & Christoph)

You will leave with an understanding of the principles used to forge elite athletes and how to apply those same principles to your own training. With a laser focus, we will identify and categorize athletic fundamentals in order to create a logical progression for improving and maintaining the skills most essentials to your success.

The course will be in German.



2 days Bodyweight Training 2.0 course
+ Manuals
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20 reviews for Bodyweight Training 2.0 Course

  1. Isa Roeseler

    Mark Lauren manages to get you to deal with yourself, your lifestyle and your physical fitness – so that you stay tuned and his workouts become your daily routine. From movement basics to movement combinations to creating your own workouts, Mark Lauren will teach you everything you need for an effective, challenging and stimulating workout that you can pass on to your customers. Mark Lauren’s method is simple, effective, everywhere practicable and with the right attitude successful for you and your body. I can recommend his course to anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge, deepen it, get fit, stay fit and develop physically, with Mark Lauren always acting as the best role model.

  2. Michael Strobl

    I can recommend this course to anyone. They were two instructive and sportive days, which have remained in my positive memory until today.

  3. Wolfgang Kraft

    I have been working as a personal trainer for quite some time now. In the course of this I have already successfully completed several certified courses.
    But since I first attended Mark Lauren courses last year, my own training and that of my clients has changed in a very positive way.
    I was also able to integrate many parts from the Rehab course in Zurich into the training as an integral part.

    My customers and also my own body thank me for it. . .
    I will certainly participate in further courses in order to deepen and refine my knowledge and application.

  4. Jan Mueller

    Last year I successfully completed the courses to become a certified trainer and the rehabilitation course.
    The experience I gained in both courses helps me in my daily fitness training and in coaching on fitness and health with clients.

    In the fitness area, I have spoken with colleagues and fitness trainers who recommend the exercises and pass the knowledge on to participants in regular classes.
    It is important for the people who give and teach courses to attend the courses you offer and successfully complete the certification.

    Thank you for the many details and explanations that can only be experienced in real life.

    I am proud to be part of a fitness program that focuses on the real basics of fitness, dealing with one’s own body.

  5. Roman Zlinsky

    From my point of view as a trainer I can say that the course is definitely recommendable. Mark Lauren offers a system with which you can build a broad base or a solid foundation. This applies both to the health-conscious and to the performance-oriented who are often
    neglect the basics. With a great selection of exercises and a simple planning system, you are prepared to learn effective movement patterns, improve mobility and stability, prevent injuries and much more after the course. Training the whole thing in flowing transitions is also fun.
    The fact that the course is held on a small scale with relaxed interaction at eye level and that each individual participant is supervised and corrected in the best possible way during the exercises is an additional plus.

  6. Katja Pfeiffer

    The course proved to be a great enrichment in several areas. Firstly, the content was conveyed in a very understandable way. The movements aim not only to be active in sports, but above all to be healthy and active in sports. The sense and purpose of the exercises and their compositions were so clearly perceptible that one came out of the course with a 100 percent sense of well-being. Mark and his team therefore attached great importance to a clean execution and technique, which is exactly what I was looking for. The course was based on competence, experience, a lot of input and was held with a lot of charm, warmth and many funny moments. You literally absorbed every second and time flew far too fast. Being a licensed coach of Mark Lauren fills me and my participants with pride.

  7. Monika Egli

    My motivation to register was to find out what kind of philosophy and who is behind these training concepts – pure marketing or real ideology?
    Thank you for this authentic insight. Mark and his team communicate what they represent – competent in knowledge and execution, as well as passion in what they do. Quality comes before quantity through and through. A manageable group size, a limited number of courses, Mark can devote himself to each participant and answer individual questions. No mass processing! The course and the encounter is a real added value. Keep it up.

  8. Dietmar Parlow

    My motivation to register was to find out what kind of philosophy and who is behind these training concepts – pure marketing or real ideology?
    Thank you for this authentic insight. Mark and his team communicate what they represent – competent in knowledge and execution, as well as passion in what they do. Quality comes before quantity through and through. A manageable group size, a limited number of courses, Mark can devote himself to each participant and answer individual questions. No mass processing! The course and the encounter is a real added value. Keep it up.

  9. Martin Funk

    Mark’s book You are Your Own Gym has been part of my training since 2014.
    My twin brother started the program back then and I was amazed at the quick results!
    In spring 2017 I completed a Bodyweight 2. 0 course in Vienna. This course has changed my view on fitness, training and bodywork even more for the better.
    Mark’s approaches are as simple as they are ingenious!
    Now that I know the people behind the training programs, I can recommend Mark’s programs to even more people.

  10. Heike Saenger

    In February 2017 I participated in Level 1&2 Certification with Mark. I already knew Mark and his bodyweight concept before and was curious about what to expect in the courses.
    I found it particularly positive that the courses combine theory and practice in a meaningful way. Some of the movement sequences became even more obvious to me and I now recognize the functionality of the exercises even better. In the practical part Mark first explained the exercises and then let us do them. He gave help and tips for individual weaknesses. In addition to learning the sequences of exercises and designing entire training sessions, we were able to practice guiding and correcting the movements of other participants. Although I was one of the few who didn’t have sport as a professional background, I felt very comfortable in the group and was able to take an incredible amount of tips and help with me.
    All in all, attending the courses was very worthwhile for me and I hope to be able to participate in the sequels at some point!

  11. Christoph Fritzsche (UniReha Köln)

    The Bodyweight Training 2.0 Certification by Mark Lauren is one way to create an individual and effective training program. The training can also be combined with sports and physiotherapy for physically handicapped children and adolescents. Mark Lauren’s bodyweight training is currently being tested as a complementary therapeutic component in the children’s Rehabilitation concept in Cologne and initial experience is being gained. The Bodyweight Training 2. 0 can be learned very quickly and easily due to its simplicity and the basic movement elements and can be combined in many ways. The children and their parents are highly motivated to carry out the training.

  12. Lutz Feichtinger

    I completed the certification course in winter 2016 and was thrilled.
    As the group was quite small, we were able to work very intensively and Mark was able to take time to check the details individually.
    The mood was totally relaxed, there was a lot of laughter when not sweating.
    However, those who expect a pure YAYOG course will be disappointed – the program of the course is different, even though some exercises are well known.
    It brought me a lot personally, because I could ask a lot of questions and experience a lot.
    But live courses are always a bit different and more demanding than books or videos (even if they have their justification, of course).
    As a coach and as a guy, Mark is just a crack. It was a pleasure working with him and his team.

  13. Johannes Selig

    The course in Vienna had a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The speed wasn’t too slow or too fast, but less breaks would have been enough for me and my girlfriend. But since the course is now spread over two days instead of three, I can imagine that this has changed.
    The exercises were well explained and we could always ask Mark and Christoph if anything was unclear. And we were corrected when we did something wrong. This was particularly important for me, because it is often very difficult to recognize such mistakes myself. And the difference between wrong and right is after a few repetitions mostly very big 😉
    After the course I trained almost exclusively with BWT 2. 0 for about ten months. It never got boring, because the workouts can be assembled in so many ways. And I’ve definitely noticed a change in that time. Not only in my performance during training, but in many situations in everyday life and at work. As a parcel and postman, I have to lift heavily every day, walk a lot and get in and out of the car about two hundred times. All this I could influence positively with the 2. 0 training and, in my experience, also prevent injuries. Above all, I like the balance of mobility, balance, coordination, strength and endurance.

  14. Manuela Holub

    I would definitely recommend this course. It was a great personal as well as sporting experience.

  15. Ferenc Chlumetzky

    I’ve done a lot in my life and achieved a lot. But what influenced and shaped me the most was the training with Mark Lauren during the training course. Mark’s philosophy and attitude to life is exemplary. His training is for me a guarantor for physical and mental fitness. It is now unthinkable for me to do without it.

  16. Anja Phillipp

    I have attended the courses Bodyweight-Training 2. 0 by Mark Lauren Level I+II in Munich and would do these courses again immediately.
    It was an experience for me to experience Mark Lauren personally as a trainer and to be part of the group. What I also liked very much was that if I didn’t know what to do, a co-instructor immediately rushed to my side and took care of me and helped me!!!!
    Even if I don’t give courses, these three days have broadened my horizon enormously and I can only recommend these two courses!!!!

  17. Patrick Geieregger

    Bodyweight Training 2. 0 is like a Swiss army knife. You can take it with you anywhere and it offers a wide range of products. Whether strength, endurance or coordination, no matter which focus you set, with Bodyweight Training you always have the right type of training with you!

  18. Gerrit Quast

    Mark’s Bodyweight 2. 0 certification course was an intense and great experience with great people. Mark and his team give you everything you need to learn sustainable and extremely customizable training skills. The things I learned in the course immediately became part of my daily routine. The combination of improved flexibility and strength quickly leads to better results and more fun, for example in climbing and freeflying. After the certification course it is really great fun to hold individual or group trainings!

  19. Marc Sonderegger

    I attended the Mark Lauren Level 2 Trainer Education 2016 in Vienna. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was very excited to meet Mark and his team, because I trained a lot with his books and his app in the past years.
    The training was different than I had expected. Focus was not strength, but mobility. Nevertheless, strength endurance is also required to successfully master one of his so-called stacks. By the different selection of the exercises and number of repetitions a stack can be changed so also in its difficulty.
    Mark’s approach is exciting in the sense that mobility limitations, posture problems and resulting problems are tackled or prevented with a completely new approach. At a time when sitting has gained the upper hand, this training is visionary.

  20. Arne Seesemann

    A few years ago Mark fundamentally changed my training with YAYOG. BW 2. 0 is the next step because it contains other important facets such as elasticity. It is about efficiency and BW 2.0 is at least a great basic training for life and/or a sport. Over the course of the course, Mark keeps his promises. He convinced me well! Express recommendation!

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