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Strength Training for Runners

Run Faster by Improving a Few Key Functions

A Few Tweaks Can Make You a Far Better Runner

Mark Lauren

Hi, Mark here.
If you want to run faster but are having trouble doing so … then take a close look at this program I’ve designed specifically for you.

Among runners, I’ve noticed a few critical problem areas that limit how fast and efficiently they can run:

#1: Ankle mobility.

#2: Front-line mobility.

And #3: Upper cross syndrome.

So I decided to create a program specifically for runners who want to rapidly improve these 3 functions, to become better runners and improve their times.

6 weeks is all it takes—and you’ll start noticing the difference by the end of your first workout

Here's What You Get with the Strength Training For Runners:

Over Kicks Video
Over Kicks Video
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"Best workouts ever! If you really want results, turn to Mark Lauren."
"Best workouts ever! If you really want results, turn to Mark Lauren."

But that's not all...

If you subscribe to Strength Training for Runners right now, I’ll also give you instant access to my ENTIRE Mark Lauren On Demand library of video workouts. Including…
Receive access to all of this instantly when you subscribe to Strength Training for Runners today!
ITB Kickout Exercise for Runners
Over Kicks Exercise for Runners
Running Exercise

Try Risk-Free

Strength Training for Runners was made specifically for those who want to identify and eliminate the bottlenecks keeping them from running faster.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason … or no reason at all … just cancel and you won’t be charged a penny. No hassles, no questions.

That way, you risk nothing. So what are you waiting for? Run faster after just your first workout!

The constraining factor keeping you from better mile times isn’t genetics, luck, or age—it’s practicing the right key functions in the right way.

Strength training specifically for runners is precisely what you need to break through to new levels of speed and breathtaking times.

Increase your running speed and reduce your susceptibility to injury, with Strength Training for Runners.

Your future self starts today.

Move Better. Live Better.

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