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Mark Lauren Bodyweight Training on demanD. 

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Train Better.

A new experience in training.

For the first time, experience Mark Lauren's exclusive video content under one login. Cancel your gym membership and work out from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Through Mark's easy to follow bodyweight exercises, you'll see fast results no matter your fitness level. 

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Mobile Friendly

Exercise Anywhere, Anytime.

Mark Lauren On Demand is optimized for your favorite mobile devices, meaning you can work out where you want, when you want.


Tailored Workouts

Customized Bodyweight Training.

No matter what your fitness level, Mark has created custom workouts that match your goals and ability.


A workout & fitness platform that delivers truly customized training.

Tailored to your performance ➝


Over 70 Total-Body workout videos with regular updates

With hundreds of possible workout combinations and hundreds of hours of content you’ll be sure to get into shape and start seeing results quickly. You’ll be able to customize your routine by choosing unique training categories per workout.


We have the right Bodyweight Exercise program for you

If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got the perfect place for you. Get personalized guidance in real time from functional fitness experts via our chat tool Intercom. Our programs are smartly designed for long-term progress, performance, and injury resistance.  

- The 90-Day Bodyweight Challenge

- Bodyweight Training 2.0

- Bodyweight Rehab

- Mobility Rx

- Elite Functional Exercise (EFX) 

- You Are Your Own Gym vol. I & II 

- Focus 15 

- Suspension Training



Use the INTERCOM tool in the lower right corner of your screen and tell us your training goals!

- Strength 

- Flexibility 

- Coordination

- Sports Performance 

- Injury Resistance 

- Weight Loss 

- Weight Gain 


Motivation. nutrition. support. 

We don't just provide expert fitness guidance via Intercom, we provide features like gamification to transform your life in fun and meaningful ways. To make your efforts more visual and measurable, you'll achieve points and levels for training. They're small rewards that lead to big results. We're gonna keep you consistent! And we don't stop there- you'll get regular updates on cooking videos that ensure you have a tasty fitness journey.


coming soon

Check out our upcoming updates!

Exclusive Workouts

Sport Specific Workouts

Coming in the very near future are workouts specifically tailored to optimize performance for the below athletic needs: 

➞   running
➞   Swimming
➞   Agility

Workout Anywhere


We have a lot content to choose from. We plan to provide you with a tool that smartly assigns workouts based on your input: 

➞   scheduled workouts
➞   Tailored Programming
➞   Based on user goals

No Equipment Needed

Free weights

Sometimes life requires we handle more than just our bodyweight. For those times, we're soon releasing free weights:


➞   Full body routines
➞   strength & stability
➞   INjury resistance 


Free Trial


We're social creatures that rely on social structures for success. Interact as much as you like, we're building a team around you:


➞   Accountability
➞   user mentorship
➞   Peer motivation

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New Features
Coming Soon.

We’re actively working on building out custom features for you. So, if you have some ideas for how to improve the platform, let us know via chat.


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Engage The Community

Connect with users, share your fitness goals, and access great workout discussions on our online community.

Release date coming soon.

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Unlock Achievements

Get rewarded for consistency. Earn recognition as you hit your fitness goals.


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Schedule Your Workouts

Curating a list of your favorite workouts allows you to build a fitness routine that is accessible at any time.

Release date coming soon.


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Your subscription includes unlimited access to all current content and all future updates throughout the duration of your membership.



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