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Strength Training

Build Unparalleled Strength and Raw Power Using Just Your Bodyweight

Want to Get Ridiculously Strong and Break Through Plateaus?

Main Goal: Muscular Strength and Stability

Frequency: 3-5 times a Week

Duration: 20-45 min

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Some people think you can’t build much strength and power using just bodyweight workouts.

They say you need to lift heavy weights at the gym to generate the proper stimulus for the muscles.

I’m here to tell you: they’re dead wrong.

Bodyweight strength training programs absolutely CAN build strength and power to high levels … when structured properly and intelligently—utilizing the essential principles of progression, overload, consistency, regularity, variety, and recovery.

Over 10 weeks, I’ll guide you through a bodyweight strength training program with a healthy balance of these principles as its core, so you can break through plateaus and achieve new levels of fitness you never thought possible.

Just 10 weeks to strength you’ve never experienced.

Bulgarian Split Squat Exercise

Here's What You Get with the Strength Training Program:

Starfish Bouncing Push Up on an iPhone
Starfish Bouncing Push Up with Comments
Mark Lauren in a squatting position

I don’t care whether you’re a newbie or a hardcore gym rat: this program will push you … pull you … and prod you into achieving your true potential.

Achieve that rock-hard look you’ve always wanted and the strength to “bulletproof” your body, so you can enjoy pain-free daily functioning forever.

I’ve laid out the bodyweight training for strength exercises for you, and it’s up to you to step up and succeed.

Make that decision and try my Strength Training Program today at no risk.

Your future self starts today.

Move Better. Live Better.