9-minute Workouts

Maximum Fitness in Minimum Time. Based on the book Strong and Lean.

9-minute Workouts

Maximum Fitness in Minimum Time

Less Than 10 Minutes. 100% Bodyweight.

Main Goal: Total Fitness

Duration: Under 10 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced

I get it: you want quick workouts that don’t take up much of your time.

That’s why I created these quick Mark Lauren workouts that can be squeezed into any kind of schedule, however hectic.

Less than 10 minutes, here and there … less than an hour of workout plans a week … can take you from “raw rookie” to a total fitness solutio.

Lose weight, get fit, and look like a million bucks.

With these quick total body workouts, there are no excuses.

Elevated Push Up Exercise
Military Press Exercise
Dive Bomber Exercise

Here's What You Get with the 9-minute Workouts:

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Pointers Exercise Video
Star Jumper Exercise
9-minute Workouts
9-minute Workouts
9-minute Workouts

I don’t know what kind of life you live … whether you’re crazy busy or just haven’t found an exercise program that works for you; it doesn’t matter.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time exercising to get physically fit. All it takes is 10 minutes.

Imagine feeling your flat stomach and hard muscles and looking back knowing it took just a little extra effort to turn your life around.

Give these workouts a chance, and I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Try these quick total body workouts today at no risk.

Your future self starts today.

Move Better. Live Better.