Prep Program

For Beginners and Those Recovering from Injuries

Ease into the World of Bodyweight Training

Main Goal: Joint health

Duration: 12 Weeks / 6 Days a Week

Workout Length: 10-30 min

Difficulty: Beginner

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of bodyweight training or you’re recovering from an injury, the first objective should be improving your joint mobility and stability.

That means being able to move around more easily, fluidly, and without discomfort.

That’s why I created the Mark Lauren Prep Program.

Through this 12 week training program you’ll develop the athletic fundamentals needed to live a long, fit life—especially by improving the health of your joints and transitioning more efficiently between lying and standing positions.

Give me 12 weeks, and your joints will thank me.

Prep Program
Prep Program
Prep Program

Here's What You Get with the Prep Program:

T-Arm Reach Tutorial Video iPhone
T-Arm Reach Video with Comments
Mark Lauren at the beach
Prep Program
Prep Program
Prep Program

But that’s not all...

If you subscribe to the Prep Program right now, I’ll also give you instant access to my ENTIRE Mark Lauren Bodyweight Training library of video workouts. Including…

Mark Lauren


For those who want an all-around, full-body training program to serve as a foundation for life-long fitness

Mark Lauren at the 2.0 Video Shoot


For those craving elite levels of fitness

Mark Lauren


So you’ll have access to ongoing workouts and be set for life

Mark Lauren in a squatting position


For a focus on raw strength and power

...and so much more!

350+ hours of workouts, with infinite ways to customize to your needs

Just imagine moving swiftly up the stairs … on the field … or playing with your children—without discomfort or needing to “sit down” because of your creaky joints.

I structured the Mark Lauren Prep Program to make it practically impossible for you to fail.

I’ve given you every tool possible to succeed.

Now, if you just follow along with this 10-week training program … if you stick it out … I promise you, you will improve your joint health and enter a wide world of bodyweight training that will transform what you think you’re capable of.

Your future self starts today.

Move Better. Live Better.