For Elite-Level Performance

Perform—and Perfect—the 64 Bodyweight Exercises Key to
 Elite Performance in Life and Sports

Main Goal: Posture, Mobility, Strength

Frequency: 12 Weeks / 4-5 Days a Week

Duration: 20-50 min

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Based on the Bodyweight Training 2.0 Course Program. The Mark Lauren Bodyweight Training 2.0 12 week fitness program develops high-level athletic preparedness with the smallest possible sacrifice of energy.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you’re going to perform and perfect 64 hand-picked exercises and their transitions. And those improved movement patterns are going to carry over into other areas of your life—making you resistant to injury and performing at the level of an elite athlete.

Welcome to the ultimate bodyweight challenge—one that’s skills-based, but functional in the real world.

This isn’t for showing off; this is for true champions.

Here's What You Get with Bodyweight Training 2.0:

Photo of the Bodyweight Training 2.0 course in Munich
Arm Circle Exercise
Arm Circle with Comments

Just imagine knowing you’ve conquered the highest-level moves that establish you in a position to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Whether you’re looking to dominate a sport … martial art … self-defense … or day-to-day life … you have every tool you need to succeed.

Now, if you just follow along for these 12 weeks … and give it your all … I promise you, you WILL see a huge difference in your performance.

Your future self starts today.

Move Better. Live Better.