Daily Workouts

Now, Exercise is Always Just a Click Away

The Momentum You Need to Be Fit for Life

Main Goal: Exceptional fitness with fun variety

Frequency: 6 Days a Week

Duration 30-50 min

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

I see so many people starting a program and maybe finish it but then they don’t have a plan for what they’re going to do afterwards—to keep their momentum going.

It’s the “afterwards” that’s critical and it’s when many people fall apart and revert back to their old ways. That’s why I created the Daily Workout Program.

With these ongoing at home full body exercises, you’ll have that momentum you need to be—and stay—fit for life.

This is a dynamic training plan that’s continually updating based on your feedback! You’ll find unique training combinations and ongoing at home full body exercises you can use anywhere, anytime.

A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Get that momentum you need, with the Daily Workout Program.

Here's What You Get with the Daily Workout Program:

Bulgarian Split Squat with Comments
Mark Lauren

Just imagine never having to figure out a workout ever again … always knowing exactly what to do, with your workout always just a click away whenever you want it.

No more excuses not to work out … just raw momentum pushing you forward to reach every fitness goal you have—and every tool necessary to succeed.

 Follow this Daily Workout Program, and I promise you: you will experience the power of momentum in the way you feel … the way you look … and the way others look at you.

Your future self starts today.

Move Better. Live Better.