High Intensity Interval Training

Achieve Superior Conditioning Without Conventional Cardio

HIIT Done Right

Main Goal: Full body metabolic burn

Frequency: 3 times a Week

Duration: 30-55 min

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

I’m a huge fan of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT is the most efficient way to improve your cardiovascular system.

Low-intensity, aerobic “cardio” just doesn’t cut it—since it’s your cardiovascular system that supports your muscular function (not the other way around).

You need to work the muscles more intensely to improve your conditioning in an efficient manner. Performing high-intensity exercises for brief intervals, followed by periods of rest, not only improves your conditioning but is also proven to build muscle and boost your metabolism.

But the problem is, most people are doing HIIT without the necessary structure. Sprints aren’t enough to form a balanced program.

This Mark Lauren HIIT program provides the structure you need to build and perfect a proper HIIT program for life.

Get ready to sweat, get strong, and burn calories.

Side Kneeling Position
Mark Lauren
Mark Lauren

Here's What You Get with the Mark Lauren HIIT program:

Side V Ups Video with Comments
Side V Ups Video
Mark Lauren in Swimmer exercise position

Welcome to Cardio 2.0. This is HIIT—Mark Lauren style.

Whether you want to add these workouts to your current program to get HIIT into your routine … or you want to follow the program in its totality … we have you covered.

Get ready to sweat, get strong, and burn calories.

Try the Mark Lauren HIIT program today at no risk.

Your future self starts today.

Move Better. Live Better.