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Glute Hip Up is a great exercise for your hips, your glutes and hamstring. We have simultaneous hip flexion and hip extension, which is needed for walking, running and other athletic activities like throwing a ball. Every movement where your hips are involved.

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Step by step guide:

  • Lay on your back
  • Pull your left foot in towards your hip
  • Pull your right knee in towards your chest
  • Remain dorsi flexion on this foot
  • Hands on your side about 45 degree angle
  • Palms up
  • Squeeze sjhoulder blades together
  • From here while keeping your knee pulled in to your chest push your hips straight up as high as you can
  • Same thing on the other side
  • Keeping the knee pulled in towards your chest insures that we don’t over arch through the lower back

Watch the tutorial:

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