Over 50 Health & Wellness Podcast

Strong and Lean with Mark Lauren

What can those of us over 50 learn from the military’s elite special forces? These men and women are the fittest of the fit, the toughest of the tough. The grueling training and testing they must go through weeds out all but the absolute best. In fact, depending on the program, the attrition rate from applicants to graduates is anywhere from 70 to 95 plus percent.

Now for most of us over 50 the combat special forces training go-till-you-puke mentality (and then go some more) would not serve us well. And most of us would not respond well to a hardcore drill sergeant screaming in our face to keep moving.

But there are lessons to be learned from these amazing people about mental toughness and the importance of staying strong and lean to be capable to handle whatever life throws at us. 

Join us today as Mark describes his life in the military, what it taught him, and how he’s taken that knowledge and created workout programs for ordinary people like you and to build our best bodies with no equipment, anywhere, any time.