Newsletter Reading: Routines

All plans are wrong, but you gotta have one!

I continue to become more and more aware of how important healthy lifestyle routines are to gaining greater self-control in order to achieve my goals.

My experiences as a trainer have taught me that routines are absolutely essential and that specific instructions are best, especially at the start of learning anything new. However, I haven’t always applied these lessons to all parts of my life.

To be vague means to be ineffective. Know exactly what you ought to be doing and when. Write it down! A written routine is a plan, and like all plans, it’ll be wrong to varying degrees. That’s okay. The routine gives you reference points from which to continuously correct, refine, and re-attack. Without a plan, what do you have?

Would you like to be more productive, healthier, or happier? Write down a daily plan in which you outline exactly what you’ll do and when. And here’s the important part- if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! But start by writing it down and establishing healthy life habits!

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"I have a belief that all human greatness is founded upon routine, that truly great human behavior is impossible without this central part of your life being set up and governed by routine."
- John Danahar
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