Butterfly Bridge

9-minute Glute Circuit

Developing strong glutes is a top priority in my training. Athletic performance depends massively on the muscles responsible for hip extension and hip rotation. As we age, these muscles tend to become less active, causing them to weaken and deteriorate over the decades. This is accelerated by prolonged sitting in chairs. Basically, over the years, we slowly lose the ability to powerfully contract these muscles, which causes them atrophy. 

The solution to this problem is to isolate the muscles with simple exercises that allow you reestablish the brain/muscle connection. Below are two exercises that you can use to build a 9-minute Glute circuit. 

Here’s how:

50-seconds of Butterfly Bridge

50-seconds of 1-legged Glute Bridge (left leg)

50-seconds of 1-legged Glute Bridges (right leg)

Repeat 3 times. That should make a 9-minute workout, if your transitions are about 10-seconds each. 

Use this circuit before and after your regular workouts, as well as between workouts to break up long days of sitting too much. For some additional variations, instead of Glute Hip Ups, you can use Dirty Dogs or Hip Circles to target the upper glutes. Enjoy!