Mobility Rx Workout 2


Dynamic flexibility, postural strength, and improved stress tolerance for men or women.
These mobility workouts are safe, build strength, burn fat, and improve the mobility of your ankles, hips, and shoulders so you can move effectively in day-to-day life and sports. With the ability to move your limbs freely around a strong, stable spine, you will be able to move with ease, pain free. The stiffness that comes with age, sedentary living, or too much strength training often causes poor movement patterns that eventually lead to pain and dysfunction. In Mobility Rx, I guide you rep-for-rep through two workouts, including dynamic flexibility and postural strength exercises that teach you to move with grace, balance, and coordination for a lifetime of peak performance.
The Mobility Rx program contains two workouts that emphasize coordination and flexibility, so you can move freely without pain and injury. You can use Mobility Rx four days a week or as active recovery between days of more intense training.
All you need is a bit of floor space to complete these dynamic flexibility and postural strength exercises!

Here is Round 1 of the Mobility Rx Workout 2: