—use the body you have, to build the body you want—

You Are Your Own Gym

I am not training movie stars or others whose livelihoods hinge on being fit. I train those whose lives do. Now, for the first time, I make U.S. Special Operations fitness exercises available to your readers, to fit their schedule, their wallet, and their fitness level. With no nonsense plain talk, motivational and nutritional advice, YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM is a total fitness package that requires no gym, no weights, nothing but your own body—the most advanced fitness machine ever created. No book like this exists. Yet for thousands of years—from Ancient Greece’s Olympic athletes to tomorrow’s U.S. Special Forces—humanity’s greatest physical specimens haven’t relied on fitness centers or dumbbells. For a decade I used simple bodyweight programs to create the leanest, strongest people of our society. Now these exercises will be brought into living rooms, bedrooms, offices, wherever women and men like. In addition to a simple 10-week program (workout only 30 minutes, 4 days a week), this “Bible of Bodyweight Exercises” contains the 125 most effective exercises to work any muscle, any place, for the rest of one’s life, no matter their athletic ability. In the 1970s Arnold Schwarzenegger showed the world the gym’s potential, and it is said that he launched a thousand of them. Now it’s time to harness the body’s potential. This is the new fitness revolution.

Top Ten Things That Make YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM Great