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Fitness is the ability survive, which depends on one’s preparedness to solve life’s problems, especially those most necessary for survival. In other words, fitness depends largely on the quality of care given to the most common and basic things in life, such as eating, resting, and working. Underlying our ability to care for anything is our ability to learn, which necessitates we make better learning our first fitness priority.

Can we generally improve our ability learn, meaning the ability to adapt our behavior for the sake of more efficient problem solving? Absolutely, and this is the primary function my training aims to improve. For these reasons, I apply the below principles to all of life, my training included:

1. Value things according to your need and ability to influence them. In other words, invest your energy where you get the highest return. Don’t invest in things you can’t change .

2. Make fundamentals your priority. They are the foundation of everything else, and they are the things always- or most often- in use, which ensures the highest return on investment.

3. We learn best through playful repetition. Mix it up. Learn from your wins and losses. It’s all just practice. Don’t limit yourself to imitation, and try something different.

4. Performance is efficiency- which is measured by the energy (not time) needed to achieve a goal. Organisms survive only as long as they are able maintain an adequate balance of energy in versus energy out.

5. You only get good at what you do. Learning is very specific. The movements needed for a situation being trained for must be duplicated specifically and accurately.

6. Just enough is enough. Activities are most productive in the beginning, and they gradually (sometimes quickly) become less productive until becoming counterproductive and harmful. More is probably not better, and in the game of life, knowing when to stop is the key to winning!

How do I apply these guiding principles to exercise programming?

The main purpose of my training is to physically prepare you to more easily learn new skills. I can’t make you better at everything because you only get good at what you do.  However, I can specifically improve the fundamental parts needed to learn more complex skills, and thereby, I improve your overall performance through better preparedness to learn. Additionally, the execution of these fundamental movements is tailored to allow for more efficient locomotion- which is simply your ability to get from Point A to Point B. We prioritize locomotion because it is necessary for everything to include survival itself. Improving this function, has the greatest impact on overall performance and injury resistance! Also, I continuously play with how I apply exercise stress. I know I don’t know- but through a playful process of trial and error I learn to get more for less.

Whether learning music, reading, mathematics, or athletic ability- a thorough appreciation of fundamentals is needed to create logical skill based progressions. You can’t learn to play the piano by using random exercises that develop the muscles of the hands and forearms, and in that exact same way, learning useful athletic ability can’t be developed with random movements unrelated to real life. Effective preparation, requires getting specific about the movements actually needed in day-to-day life and sports. Let us step out of the dark ages and start applying sound reasoning. It’s all physics. Performance is efficiency.

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