Favorite Stretches

Give these 5 stretches a try next time you’re feeling tight. I stretch about twice a week in the evening before bedtime. It helps me to relax and move better, especially if I’m strength training a lot, which is pretty much always. To make these stretches useful, you need to stay in position for a couple of minutes, which is why I make myself as comfortable as possible while listening to audio books. 

Using pillows is a great way to make stretches easier and more comfortable. Below are two ways that I like to use them, but the options are endless. 

I also find that tight quads and hip flexors throw off my posture and overall alignment, which is why I’ve added my three favorite hip stretches. These positions are a good remedy to sitting too much. 

Take it easy while stretching. Get into positions where you feel only a light stretch and then focus on breathing and releasing tension wherever you can find it. Relaxing is a skill. This is a good way to develop it.