Sliding Back Lunge Progression

Strengthen your hips, legs, and lateral stability while improving your flexibility and posture.

If I could do only exercise for the rest of my life, it would probably be lunging variations, because the transfer of athletic ability is greatest. Lunges are basically giant steps, and stepping is used for walking, running, throwing, striking, and countless other basic activities. 

The safest and most useful lunging variation is the back lunge, because it forces your hips to travel back away from your planted foot, which engages the hamstrings and pulls you into ideal alignment for safe force absorption. 

Below are back lunging variations you can do by sliding on a smooth hard surface using socks or furniture sliders. If you only have carpet, try sliding your foot on a magazine or a furniture slider made for carpet. These Sliding Back Lunges are lower impact than regular stepping back lunges, and they make it easier to position properly, so you can do loooong back lunges with good posture, which will seriously lengthen and strengthen your legs and hips. 

Follow the below points of performance: 

– Start from a tall standing position with your toes pointing straight ahead

– Slightly lift your chest and keep your abs flexed throughout movement

– Slide your foot back until the lead knee is directly above the lead ankle

– Maintain a vertical torso with your abs tight to prevent your back from arching

– Reset to a tall staining position and repeat on other side

Try different arm positions. For more of a challenge, use a weight as shown. You can also hold a weight overhead on the side of the rear leg. Enjoy!