Sliding Bodyrock Progression

Advanced Core Exercises

Improving fitness is largely about smart progressions, which require step-by-step building blocks from simple to complex. In this series, we have 4 bodyweight movements that build on one another. In order to execute the most difficult exercise properly, it is necessary that you can first do the other 3 with perfect form.

Stick with the first two bodyweight exercises until you are able to do them with good form, meaning you can make yourself straight while getting a full range of motion.

Once the Bodyrock Slide with the Pike Slide are mastered, you can move onto the Bodyrock Pike, which is simply a combination of the first two movements. Focus on your posture (make yourself straight), and challenge yourself in each end position to get a full range of motion.

In the top position, get your hips up as high as possible. In the bottom position, slide your feet back as far as possible. In both positions, make yourself straight from head to tailbone- posture!

For the final movement, everything stays the same, except that you’re fully extending one leg and keeping it extended as you slide into the bottom position. Notice how my foot does not touch down until I’m ready to reverse the movement. Controlling this downward slide with just one leg is an incredible way to increase core strength. Like always, the key to making this bodyweight exercise as effective as possible is getting a full range of motion while making yourself perfectly straight through all parts of your body. Enjoy!