Stork Press

Outdoor Gym Fun at Banana Beach near Phuket, Thailand

I occasionally like to progress certain movements by using weight. One of the things I love to do to improve athletic ability is to weight shift under a load, which is incredible for improving lateral stability and balance. It makes you feel really solid and stable while moving about, and it doesn’t require a huge load. Give this one a try, if you have a couple small dumbbells at home.

– Begin in a seated double kneeling position with dumbbells raised to your shoulders.

– In a single movement, press the dumbbells overhead and transition to a single kneeling position.

– While keeping the weights overhead, transition to Stork Stance. 

There are endless variations to this exercise. If you are a user at Mark Lauren On Demand, you’re familiar with the many double and single kneeling transitions, as well as the step up variations. Try this exercises using nothing but your own bodyweight by keeping your hands behind your head. When you’re ready, progress to some light weights. Enjoy!

Watch the video now: