Side Lying Exercises- Workout


Whether you’re just starting out in the world of bodyweight training or you’re recovering from an injury … the first objective should be improving your joint mobility and stability with side body exercises.

That means being able to move around more easily, fluidly, and without discomfort. That’s why I have created Bodyweight Rehab. You’ll develop the athletic fundamentals needed to live a long, fit life by doing these side and joint exercises included in the side body workout.

Rehab your body (many of those working out neglect recovery and corrective exercises—essential aspects of fitness—but you won’t neglect them) with light side exercises that rejuvenate your joints.

The Bodyweight Rehab workouts are also part of our Prep Program that includes side and joint exercises. In 6 weeks it will improve the health of your joints and transitioning more efficiently between lying and standing positions. 

Here is a 10 minute sample of our Rehab Side Lying Exercises.

Bodyweight Rehab Side Lying Exercises Stack 1 of 2: