Strength Training For Runners


With many years as a trainer in the special operations community, I’ve discovered some simple running exercises to become a better runner and drastically improve running technique.

As you age, especially if you sit a lot, mobility and proper joint alignment is lost in three critical areas that affect how fast and efficiently you can run:

#1: Ankle mobility.

#2: Front-line mobility.

And #3: Upper cross syndrome.

To correct these issues, I’ve created a program to rapidly improve these 3 functions. The result is greater speed with less effort.

Here’s what you get:

• Bodyweight exercise mixed with short runs to improve the following functions…

• Improved ankle mobility for better foot strike and more efficient force absorption

• Increased flexibility mid-thigh to mid-torso for more upright posture and a longer stride

• Better head positioning and spinal alignment for more efficient arm-swing mechanics

Strength training specifically for runners is precisely what you need to break through to new levels of speed. Increase your running tempo and reduce your susceptibility to injury with just 3 short running exercises to become a better runner per week.