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Windshield Wipers: Primary function is spinal rotation, which we create by separating the shoulders from the hips. We use spinal rotation for everything from running, swimming, dancing, tennis, golf, etc. Anytime we create rotation around the spine to generate force we need this function.

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Step by step guide:

  • Lay down on your back
  • Arms at T position
  • Knees are over your hips
  • Your lower back is in contact with the ground
  • Left knee moves first
  • Bring it as close to the ground as you can without setting it on the ground
  • Then place the right leg on top of the left leg
  • Without moving the opposite shoulder
  • Reverse the movement – That is one repetition 
  • With all these movements we are always challenging our range of motion and our ability to move one part of our body without unnecessarily moving other parts of our body
  • Coordinate your breathing and remain still while challenging your range of motion

Watch the tutorial:

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